Viridian Future 1

Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

A personal challenge, not just a Living Building Challenge


Last week Lorna reminded our design team that her priorities are time and budget.

She and I had previously had a conversation, giving each other our priorities for the project. We discovered that the criteria of 'making money', 'creating a home to live in', 'designing an environmentally friendly townhouse', and 'creating a project to inspire and educate others' had shifted in their order of importance, both between us, and within each of us. At the start, Lorna had not been looking for somewhere for us to live, and I had not been looking to create an educational project. Now we find that Lorna wants to be able to move into our home as soon as is practical, with something left in the bank, and I really want to meet my target of creating a home that meets the Living Building Challenge standards, even if it takes a bit longer, costs a bit more, and sacrifices some space to experimental technology.

And the design team told us we cannot do both!

Apparently we will already exceed LEED platinum standard, and are on track to create a great home, but we still dont know if our design ideas can be built within our budget, let alone with the addition of water processing equipment, and the other features needed for LBC.

Some days our faces dont match the smiles above (which incidentally, was our wedding day).

So where to go from here? More negotiating I guess...

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