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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

After the flush

Toilet house.jpeg

What we havent told you about so far, is the difference between Lorna and me over what to do with the water. You see, I have been concerned about water management issues for many years, and really want to find a way to be totally environmentally sustainable with our use of water. And that means recycling it, just like nature does.

In the past, the forest floor was a perfectly sustainable way of getting rid of what we didnt want. But now, with the people density of New York, we just cannot do that anymore. And we have all heard stories about raw sewage ending up in rivers and on beaches. New York may have an effective sewage treatment system, but the whole idea of using large areas of land to store water in reservoirs, that we use once, then discharge into the rivers just doesnt seem sense to me.

So I want to try installing one of the newly developed systems for recycling our waste water back to usable quality. Lorna says that is disgusting. So watch this space to find out if I can come up with some design that works for all, or have to accept the compromise.

And wait for the next blog about how we can capture enough solar energy to make our home energy neutral!

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