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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Work has Started --- Yeah!!


At last we are doing more than just talking.

After months of meetings, emails, and discussions, workers have started work on the removal of hazardous materials, and will then move onto full demolition.

But before we go into that, a quick update about our uninvited visitor. She is still in custody, awaiting a psychiatric assessment. We are not sure if that is because she persists in claiming to own our house, or because she didnt Google us before trying to squat us. We have since been getting mail addressed to her, which the District Attorney will come and collect from us.

first floor 2.jpg

As our property had last been renovated in the 1960s, there is quite a lot of asbestos. Unfortunately, this isnt just pipe insulation, the most common use of asbestos. Even the hardwood flooring is laid on an asbestos containing paper. The removal requires an elaborate process of creating sealed tents within the building, workers donning special suites with breathing apparatus, and collecting all the removed materials in sealed bags, that are labeled and numbered. The roof will also have to come off, as that too has asbestos.

As we are planning on moving the back wall out by 3M, we will fully demolish the existing wall full height of the building. Having taken the roof off, we will end up with just the front wall, the two party walls, and maybe the floor joists, depending on their condition.

I sure look forward to showing pictures once all that has been done. 

As the building is only 5M wide, the floor joists all span from one party wall to the other, so not only are there no structural supporting internal walls, but nor is the back wall supporting. We will, of course, have to put a temporary tarpaulin over the roof - it rains here at all times of the year!

This phase is expected to last about five weeks, so check on the photos page, to see the gradual changes. 

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