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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Risk and Trust. Risk and Trust

I write this on an aeroplane, on its way across the Atlantic towards London. Lorna and I are going on holiday, on our first trip back to UK for three years in Lornas case, and nearly two in mine. We go to share in the celebration of my parents 60th wedding anniversary. We will also see our son, who we havent seen since we left Shanghai and moved to New York more than a year ago. We are excited to see family and friends again, and we are nervous to leave our huge project behind.

Yesterday I had a meeting with our design/build team, and I signed about twenty forms in duplicate, even having one notarized. I also wrote three checks. So now we are too far away to deal with any issues that come up, and we just have to let go, and trust the contractor, the architect, and, of course, the Expeditor. We have to hope that we gave them enough money to be going on with, and I didnt miss out signing a crucial form, the absence of which will delay the whole project until we return. Did I write the check for the application fee correctly?

The abatement contractor is working thru the asbestos so fast, that we have to get the full demolition permit into the city as soon as possible, otherwise there wont be anything for him to do. Thats why I am so concerned to have signed all the forms. And all those forms were just for the demolition permit. We still have to complete the application for the permit to do the whole expansion and new build part. The paperwork and bureaucracy of this city is utterly extraordinary.

One joy of this last week has been seeing real specialists at work. The safety of workers dealing with asbestos is critical, so the air monitoring equipment, the safety suits and decontamination tent were amazing, as was the wall that was practically plastered with certificates for every one of the team working there. On the other hand, the fact that the team removing the asbestos roof cut thru the internet cable to the neighbour was very embarrassing. The service provider had left a spaghetti of wires, most of which were defunct, but still…

Hopefully next week I will be writing that the team have told me all is progressing smoothly thru to the next phase. Maybe I should have set up a web cam in the tree infront, so I could watch developments myself.

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