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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Slow is Better Than Stopped, and Being There is better than not.

After the rapid fire progress of the first month of working, things have slowed to a crawl recently. I wrote two posts ago about the SIPs having to be cut up into the smaller size for handling. I predicted that we would hold an open day on 2nd Oct to share the system.

Well its now 14th Oct and the SIPs havent even arrived. Frustration. Frustration.

Add that to the fact that, as I also wrote about, we had to revisit many issues that the first architect had not sufficiently dealt with, which has involved researching and exploring different systems for air sealing and insulating the building, and waterproofing the basement floor. This has meant that, instead of teams of workmen, transforming the place, we have had a skeleton crew working mainly on the front outside, dealing with drains and building the new stoop (a Dutch origin word for the steps rising to the front door) and steps going down to the basement. It will certainly look a vast improvement on the frontage as we bought it, but the lack of progress hurts. I dont even have photos to show, as, altho the steps are built, they dont yet have their capstones, so they look very unfinished.

The crazy thing is that the SIPs are in transit from Calgary to us, and will arrive either today or tomorrow, while Lorna and I set off today for UK! The last thing I want is a nine day trip away from my baby, just at the start of this crucial phase. What awful timing. Not only am I worried that there will be issues that require decisions from me, but I am really upset to miss this phase, when suddenly all the holes get filled in and we have a building rather than an open structure.

So much work had gone into preparing for this moment, including me making all the detailed measurements and approving the production drawings. Now we will see what mistakes I made, and I wont even be there to explain and justify myself.

Well, I have to let go, trust, and get on an aeroplane. Everyone else in New York may be going to therapy, but renovating a town house is enough for me.

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