Viridian Future 1

Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Gathering Momentum

Before I get onto the subject of this post, I dont have any great photo for you this time, even tho we are all excited here that the roof is on and the fifth floor is now structurally complete. Its just that we dont have a helicopter to take the photo, and anyway, after two days sub zero last week, and 20deg (68degF) on Monday, it is now snowing heavily. Please consider the space after this paragraph as a picture from the helicopter in the snow storm.


So now onto our snowball that is gathering momentum. Less than three weeks ago we did an open day for members of the New York Passive House Group and their friends. We had over forty people, mostly architects, and the response was hugely encouraging. We have received many emails of gratitude, both for what we are doing, and for how we are sharing it.

Following the event, one attendee offered himself as an intern so he could learn more about sustainable building. We can now welcome Eser to our team. He will be with us for the next four months, helping with some of our challenges with the local building code that conflicts with sustainable building, helping with our outreach, and lending a hand when we install some of the features integral to Passive House building.

I was then asked by our Passive House consultant Oleg, if I would do a tour for someone who wasnt able to come on the open day. I took her around last week, and learned that she is the director of The Sallan Foundation, who network and spread information to bring our cities closer to being sustainable. She wrote about us and the social media response has been wonderful. Check out

So what we are finding is that, by aiming for true sustainability, despite the challenges, rather than a half way shot, we are drawing to us others who are equally passionate and willing to put in the effort. Those others are then telling people about what we are doing and the impact of our one little project is spreading and supporting progress in ways we could not have predicted.

Even if we miss the standard for certification by the Living Building Challenge, even if we dont achieve Passive house certification, our efforts and lessons will help others, and one day residential buildings thruout cities all over the world will be totally sustainable.

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