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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Patience... Patience

Sometimes things just dont go the way we had planned. I guess thats one reason why we have insurance companies. But dont go adding on and one and making five. No, we are not about to make a claim on our insurance. We are, however, navigating twists and turns we had not expected. And that gets stressful if you have no experience. Its a bit like being in the passenger seat with a driver you have no experience of. Maybe they drive a little closer to the car on your side than you would if you were driving. Maybe they brake a bit later than seems safe, or take those corners like they are testing out how well this car copes on two wheels. Sometimes all you can do is lock your door, pull on your seatbelt to make sure its clicked in tight, close your eyes... and hope. Sometimes you demand they stop the car and trust yourself to the journey home on foot. And sometimes you have to judge that you have come this far without accident, its too far to turn back now, so you might as well keep quiet and hang in there.

It will soon be March 2014, and we still dont have a permit to start building. We are waiting on a 'Determination' on two elements of our design that the building department examiner concluded that the regulations dont exactly make provision for. Both of these elements are worth hanging in there for. The staircase and the elevator. We have identified a circular glass elevator to put up alongside the staircase. When the code was written such things didnt exist, and five floor single home residential buildings were rare. The code expects a two hour fire resistant enclosure around the elevator, which rather voids the benefit of the glass, and kills off one of the wow features of the design. So we have applied for a determination, based on the fact that, by installing a full sprinkler system, we can have an open staircase up all five floors. Whats the point, if we have an open staircase, of putting a fire resistant enclosure around the elevator that is directly alongside the staircase.

But this all takes time... so here we are being patient. Well I say being patient. what exactly is the difference between waiting patiently, and just waiting. We dont have a choice about how this goes, or how long it takes, other than by giving up on our plans, and reducing the spec. So are we waiting patiently? The answer to that, for those of you who know us is 'one is, one isnt'. I leave it to you to identify which is which.

Meanwhile, we are freezing our butts off, as they say. It is 4pm as I write this, and the air has warmed up thru the day. When we woke this morning, it was a little warmer than a domestic freezer. It is now, at minus 6degC, ten degrees colder than a domestic fridge!!! Most of the snow has been cleared or evaporated away, but the lake in the park has been frozen for nearly three weeks.

Aahh, the romance of New York in the winter.

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