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Yes, an apology. On behalf of the Mayor of New York, the Building Commissioner has apologized to us for the delays and mismanagement of the system that we have experienced.

I wrote last time about my anger. Well that anger drove me to file a complaint with the Mayors office. The only detail of our project that I mentioned was my name at the end. I didnt wish to complain specifically about the examiner, but about the system within which that examiner is required to work, so, whilst I detailed the frustrations with repeated issues being raised, I didnt give any names. Clearly, they checked all applications against my name and found our project. They called our architect and asked if he would confirm my experience. Once confirmed, the commissioner gave him an apology, and said they are genuinely unhappy about the way they have performed. We will receive that apology in writing in a few weeks.

So no, this does not entitle us to compensation, but it sure means the city will be on their guard against anything else that we might need to complain about, and, you never know, we might get support in other ways as the project unfolds.

Approval? No, we still don't actually have approval. That is in the hands of the fire department, and they do not answer to the Building Commissioner. And, altho they report to the Mayor, we cannot expect the new Mayor to tame the wild beast, not in his first few months.

So whilst the weather has finally warmed up, our application is still in the deep freeze. And as we fight our way thru the tangled thicket, I can only look forward to the time when we are looking back on this, and telling the story over dinner.

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