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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Permits and Rats

Yes, we have both. Well not exactly. I started writing that we had the prospect of both, but now I must change that to only the prospect of rats. We have the permit. We actually have a work permit, and work will start on Monday. We will then also have photos. Wont that be exciting. Something to show for our efforts. Initially just demolition, but we will be building using a system called Structural Insulated Panel System. These are manufactured panels that are assembled on site, and should go up very fast.

The first contract is to enclose the 'envelope'. That means building all the new external walls, roofs, windows and doors, and finishing the exterior of the building so it is totally weather tight. This is a major piece of our sustainability approach, in that the walls and roofs will be highly insulated, and the windows will be very high specification triple glazed. The envelope will retain heat in the winter, and exclude heat in the summer.

Here are some photos to show you something of how the place is now. After we did the asbestos work last summer, a whole year ago, it has stayed like this.

Thank you to Kathy Clouse for these two photos

Thank you to Kathy Clouse for these two photos


This back extension will be completely removed, along with the window thru which this photo was taken, and the wall the window is in. We will then construct our new back wall in line with the end of the neighbors wall you can see on the right.

So about the rats. Well true to form, the city employs inspectors who make sure that households do not create conditions that encourage rats, and we had a warning letter two weeks ago, saying we are doing just that, and threatening another inspection. If we have not rectified the situation, then we are liable for a fine. We have already been fined for not clearing rubbish left by others in the street and on the sidewalk infront of our place, so you can imagine I called them immediately to explain that the condition of our place was due to waiting for the city to process our building application, and having received approval finally, we would be starting work and the hypothetical rats would leave in a hurry.

And now to the building work. I am getting really excited...

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