Viridian Future 1

Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Approved. We have approval...

Our existence is valid. Since those early childhood experiences we have been seeking approval, and we finally have it. We can love and be loved, like normal adults in society.

No seriously, it is true. After an interminable, crushing, and hugely stressful wait, feeling helpless in the face of superior power and authority, our application for the renovation and improvement of our townhouse has at last been approved.

The final hurdle required the intervention of the commissioner of building and us paying a $4,000 fine levied against the previous owner for a building violation that our project will rectify, but which he had ignored for so long the city had put a block on the computer system for our property. The commissioner very graciously acknowledged that he wished they had been able to identify that particular hurdle months ago and sort it out well before it held us up for yet another month. We had actually passed thru all their hoops and even satisfied the fire department, and the examiner was about to approve the application when they discovered they couldnt, because of the block on the system.

We had another acknowledgement from the commissioner, that the goal posts had moved during the life of our application, which explained some of the delays and recurring demands for new information or modifications. It doesnt compensate us for the costs of the delay, but it sure was good to hear, and have our experience of the system recognized.

In a post of this brevity, there is no way I can convey the pain, stress, frustration, and tension between us that this process has produced, but at last we have approval, which if nothing else, adds significant value to the property.

We can now embark on the next phase, construction. That will no doubt bring its own brand of difficulties and hurdles to surmount, but at least we will be able to see things happening, and we will have a sense that this house, which has been languishing for sixteen months, is finally alive with activity and forward momentum. We start, of course, with demolition, so initially, we will see big changes each day, which will be exciting.

The approval needs to be converted to a work permit, which could take anywhere between three days and two weeks, so watch this space.

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