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Aiming to be not just the most environmentally sustainable townhouse in Manhattan, but a net zero energy home.

Below you will find contact details for our team if you wish to contact them for your own project.

Also, we hope to work with suppliers and others in the construction industry to promote environmentally friendly materials and equipment. Are you a supplier who would like to be involved? If so, then please contact us, and you could have your name here.


bldgtyp is an architecture and consulting firm based in Brooklyn NY. Through a diverse body of work including academic, residential, commercial and government projects, we seek to help our clients create the most energy-efficient, comfortable and well designed buildings possible. 

bldgtyp partners are certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) and the Passive House Institute of the US (PHIUS) to design and consult on certified Passive House projects.


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Ecostruct LLC is a full service design/build and consulting firm, specializing in sustainable building and energy auditing services. Located in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY, Ecostruct has access to a vast array of sustainable resources sourced from local manufacturers and suppliers. As a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional and a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Contractor, Ecostruct is able to provide its clients with efficient single-family and multi-family whole-building energy analyses and modeling services to develop the most comprehensive efficiency plan possible.

Green Power Solutions


Green Power Solutions has more than twenty-years of experience in the renewable energy industry. Having run a complete range of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal projects through out the Northeast, we are there with you from start to finish.

Our core team is comprised of the very best in the industry, project managers, designers, engineers and installers who all go through in-house training on a continual basis. Because every job is customizable with your unique requirements, we may also pull the top talent from our selected network of experts to best accommodate and service you.

Where do we pull our team from? By giving back, being leaders and aiding the advancement of the renewable energy industry.

Skoda Design and Architecture


We redesign living from the inside out…for smarter, healthier and more comfortable designs that become sought after because they add value to those who have carefully chosen us to be their architectural designers.

We stand behind technology that streamlines design and construction to give our clients better benefits. Throwing out the terms integrative design approach is too easy where the magic happens is with the assembly of the team that collectively figures out the project together. We promote Team success and welcome our unique strategies for better and more successful building projects.



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Urbanstrong's mission is to integrate nature back into cities in a way that efficiently promotes profitability, health, sustainability and beauty.  

We offer concept-to-build solutions engineered to deliver a return on your investment while improving quality of life.  Urbanstrong's primary offerings are design-build-maintenance services for living walls, green roofs, solar-integrated green roofs. Our teams have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of these projects throughout the greater northeast over the past 10+ years, including iconic landmarks, schools, offices, restaurants, condos, and brownstones.

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